This band is to be mentioned among the most popular ones not only in Russia, but in the former USSR as well.
   One can say that this is probably the hottest pub party group of Russia, which performs extremely aggressive and expressive traditional hard-rock.
   The group uses live sound only, and is able to perform on almost any stage and for any audience.
   The band often performs in the most popular hard-rock clubs of Moscow, St.Petersburg and other big cities of Russia, their clips were shown many times by the National TV and one can compile a book using press cuttings describing Chin-Chin performances.
   Chin-Chin is a winner of several national and international musical competitions which were held in Moscow.
   In 1994 " Gimme Some Beer " album was released, including 12 original compositions by V. Istomin. Most of these items immediately became hits, and the title one simply was named an unofficial anthem of "the fighters of the beer front".
   In 1995 "The Party Of Beer Lovers" proclaimed V.Istomin "The King Of Beer" for his the most "beer image".
   Vladimir Istomin himself is an absolutely fantastic showman, who is singing not only in Russian, but in English and German. Besides this, he is able to perform alone as well as with any local band, since he is top level professional and the key figure of the group.  
   The main idea of his songs is really simple and appealing : "Relax", and his music is for people who doesn't like problems and troubles of today's life. And furthermore these songs might be considered as a special dish for those who like beer and rock-n-roll.
Even the titles of their smash hits reflect the mood of the band: "Gimme Some Beer", "Biermannermarsch", "Danish Beer Blues", "Kef Has Begun" ... And, naturally, Vladimir Istomin sings and dances R&R classics of the 60s.
   And, finally, if it is recommended to cool some strong liquors before drinking, Chin-Chin should be recommended to be consumed alive.



To book a performance and with related questions call 8-9165348786 (Vladimir) or
e-mail chin-chin-group@yandex.ru.


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